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You are so much more than a number to be checked off a list! You are a complete person who should be treated gently and with respect at every visit. You deserve whole body health and a healthy smile. You deserve leading-edge techniques and outstanding local doctors who are committed to their community. We know. We want that too!


People come to us because of the skill, care, and judgement we provide. Our doctors have over 135 years of combined experience for an incredible pool of skill and knowledge. And that means carefully crafted and cohesive treatment plans, a focus on total health, and exquisite care that can only be obtainedfrom master dentists.

In fact, our dentists are so skilled and passionate, they research, teach, and mentor at area dental schools such as Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, The Ohio State University, the University of Michigan, and study at advanced learning academies such as the L.D. Pankey Institute for advanced dental education and the Spear Institute. Some have even helped write dental textbooks!


Our dentists have also been reviewed and chosen by their peers to appear in USA Top Dentists listing of some of the countrys best dentists.

But if you dont trust what other dentists think of our outstanding credentials, professionalism, and clinical excellence, check out what your neighbors are saying about us!

This is the care people like you deserve! Call 440-461-8200 to reserve your place in our practice today.

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