PADDY The Goat that Saved Anguilla

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Paddy is a goat that lives on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. He is not like the other goats,
he can not baa. Paddy is banned from the herd and must find a new place to live.
He finds his new home and new friends and comes back and saves the island.
Read how Paddy does it.

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Paddy the Goat that saved Anguilla video

Paddy the Goat that saved Anguilla is a delightful children's story full of colorful illustrations 
depicting the island of Anguilla and it's local inhabitants...GOATS! 
This book is sure to please all Anguilla lovers.

Follow Paddy as he makes his way to the far end of Anguilla. He meets and befriends all of the creatures 
living at Windward Point and saves the island from a devastating hurricane. 
This is a new version of the Paddy the Goat book with new illustrations and references to the island of Anguilla. 

Paddy the Goat

Paddy supports AARF on Anguilla!