Jo-Anne Mason has lived on Anguilla for over 20 years. She creates illustrated children's books and artwork about the Caribbean. 

Born August 17, 1953 in Brooklyn N.Y. 
Jo-Anne and her family left the suburbs of New York when she was ten years old and moved to a farm in Maryland. There she went from being a suburbanite to a farm girl and learned all about raising animals and crops. The family raised horses and Jo-Anne spend most of her time riding and caring for them. If you want to buy term papers online based on the topic of managing horses, you may see the examples at the main page of our site.
When Jo-Anne made it to high school she was fortunate to have a very good and perceptive art teacher who realized her potential and as they say in the horse world, "let her have her head." Jo-Anne was the only student in the large county wide high school to complete 4 years of art training, by her last year she was taking 5 courses of art a day. She ended school with her own one man show.
After leaving school, Jo-Anne pursued a career as a horsewoman and spent 20 years riding, training thoroughbred racehorses. During this time she also invented several horse related items including a patented bandage, a saddle for handicapped riders, an special event bridle and an all fabric girth. 
She began sculpting horses and animals in 1985 and had several successful shows and commissions including the West Virginia Breeder Association and The James Brady Professional Achievement Award. 

Jo-Anne has lived and worked on Anguilla as an artist since 1992. Finding sculpture a difficult medium for island visitors to transport home she started painting with acrylic and latex using large canvas or board and eventually evolved into painting wall murals for various businesses and private home in Anguilla. 
In 1996 she began creating images on a computer using various digital art programs to create graphics for web use, fine art illustrations for digital art and books. 

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