Books by Jo-Anne Mason

Hi, I am Jo-Anne Mason and I write and illustrate colorful books about the Caribbean. 
I like to use animals as the characters in my books and real islands of the Caribbean to set the story. 
These are my latest books about the Caribbean and the creatures that live there. If you need it, you may also buy custom essay online directly from me. You just need to fill in the details in the form.
All of my books are created in my digital studio where I use programs like Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and inDesign to create the drawings and put the books together.

Visiting the Caribbean?
If you are planning a visit to the island of Anguilla, St. Kitts, Nevis or St. Maarten and want to meet me, use the contact info. and send me an email. 
Always happy to meet my readers!

Recently I have been creating some oil paintings inspired by my books. 
Here are some examples.

New original oil paintings inspired by the books. 


PADDY The Goat That Saved Anguilla
A colorful book about a goat on Anguilla and his adventures.

Click to buy the book on amazon as a hardback book or a Kindle Fire book. If you are visiting Anguilla please visit me at my studio and I will sign your book.


Illustrations from Paddy the Goat That Saved Anguilla

TRIXY The Monkey That Ate Nevis
Trixy is a clever little monkey that just can't get enough, see how her monkey family saves her from a huge problem.
Click to buy Trixy on amazon as a hardback book or a Kindle Fire book.
Nevis is a beautiful island just south of Anguilla and it has a dormant volcano in the center.


Illustrations from Trixy the Monkey That Ate Nevis

The Perfect Shell
Hattie is a hermit crab living on St. Martin in the Caribbean who is not satisfied with her shell. Follow her on an adventure to find her perfect shell.
Click to buy The Perfect Shell on amazon as a hardback book or a Kindle Fire book. 
St. Martin/Maarten is an island only a short ferry ride from Anguilla where I live. 


Illustrations from The Perfect Shell


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